Maple designs, supplies and installs brise soleil and climate façade products for the construction industry. Using our years of experience, we’ve created a library of standard drawing files for fixing to the most common materials, including curtain wall, steel, timber, concrete and brick.

As part of our commitment to support our clients – and the whole of the industry - you can now request these files from us using the  links below or fill out the DWG request form.

The precise fixing approach must go through a detailed design process to take account of different project-specific variables, such as wind-loads and façade design. So, we recommend that you also contact one of our project consultants in the early stages of design development.


BESPOKE design requirements

The design possibilities for modern façades is endless. So, as well as providing standard drawings, our specialists can work with you to create bespoke drawings and proposals for any project. Simply call 0161 456 6644 or email with your requirements.


Brise soleil façades

SD-ST-FX-005 - fixing to steel

SD-ST-FX-007 - fixing to timber

SD-ST-FX-002 - fixing to brick

SD-ST-FX-003 - fixing to concrete

SD-ST-FX-001 - fixing to curtain wall

SD-ST-FX-006 - fixing to Metsec


Climate Façades 

Standard fixing detail

SD-CF-FX-005 - fixing to steel

SD-CF-FX-007 - fixing to timber

SD-CF-FX-003 - fixing to concrete

SD-CF-FX-004-1 - fixing to concrete behind building line

SD-CF-FX-006 - fixing to Metsec


Side arm fixing detail

SD-CF-FX-001 - fixing to a curtain wall system

SD-CF-FX-002 - fixing to brick

SD-CF-FX-004-2 - fixing to concrete behind the building line


Type one arm fixing detail

SD-CF-FX-012 - fixing to steel

SD-CF-FX-009 - fixing to brick

SD-CF-FX-010 - fixing to concrete

SD-CF-FX-008 - fixing to curtain wall

SD-CF-FX-011 - fixing to concrete behind the building line

DWG file Request