Posted by Amy Bradbury on 01/06/23 13:17
Brentford multi storey car park facade retrofit
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Maple are replacing a temporary mural on the sides of a multi-storey car park in Brentford with a permanent architectural façade.

Main contractors Ballymore commissioned the colourful mural for the nine-storey building within the Brentford Waterside urban regeneration scheme. But now that the car park is being incorporated into a larger mixed-use development of residential, retail and leisure units, Maple have been tasked with retrofitting a permanent façade that’s every bit as striking.

Designed in partnership with architects Alfred Hall Monaghan Morris, the Maple façade will be made up of triangular panels in shades of carmine, ruby and wine red, moss grey and copper brown. Around 2,000 powder-coated, perforated aluminium panels will form a series of diamonds to give the impression of a 3D façade, many of the panels will be partially assembled off-site for safe and efficient handling and installation.

“Maple are committed to modern methods of construction that lead to easier installation and reduce the time required to be working at height,” said Maple contracts manager Alex Cull. “It’s a complex design and a challenging scheme, but we’re confident that the finished façade will look great and make a positive contribution to the whole Brentford Waterside development.”

The car park sits within a 12-acre former industrial waterside site that’s being transformed as part of a multi-billion-pound makeover of Brentford. Maple are already on site, and are due to complete the façade project later in 2023.
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