What are the modern methods of construction?

Modern methods of construction (MMC) use off-site techniques, such as mass production and factory-built modules, to speed up construction, reduce labour costs, eliminate unnecessary waste and improve quality.

In a nutshell:  

  • Modern methods of construction (MMC) use off-site techniques to speed construction, reduce costs, eliminate waste and improve quality
  • MMC is increasingly common in architectural façade and solar shading projects
  • Rooftop plant screens are particularly suited to modular installation
  • MMC can reduce the time spent working at height – making façade and shading projects safer and more cost-effective
  • Maple are members of the Modular and Portable Building Association

MMC has been around since the Second World War but has come to the fore again in the 21st century as the government champions ‘smart construction’ as the way to help solve the UK housing crisis.

Except... it’s not only used for housing. Modern methods of construction are also used on retail and office developments, public buildings and infrastructure projects.

MMC is also increasingly common in the architectural façade and solar shading sector.

Saracens rugby club solar shading

Why is MMC suited to architectural façade and solar shading projects?

One word: height. Façades and brise soleil are typically installed high up on buildings. The less time contractors spend working at height, the safer (and more cost-effective) it is.

Pre-assembling brise soleil blades or louvres into modules (or ‘cassettes’) in a factory environment not only makes installation easier, it also helps keep a better handle on quality.

Maple’s range of brise soleil systems, including our lightweight Zenith blade system and Aurora aerofoil blades, use a modular cassette design for quick and efficient installation.

Is MMC suitable for all types of façade and screening systems?

Rooftop plant screens are particularly suited to modular installation. Panels of louvres (rather than individual blades) can be lifted into position and attached to the sub-structure in a matter of days rather than weeks.

However, some assemblies are too heavy for MMC. The recommended maximum safe weight for cassette panels is 100kg for mechanical lifting, and only 50kg for manual handling. Anything more and the system will have to be designed as standalone components, and assembled on site.

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