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Maple and the BSA article
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The Act came into effect April 2024.

To guarantee compliance with the Building Safety Act across all areas, our goal is to make sure we have the right people and the right products to help us be the right business.

To reach this goal, Maple have five ‘Big Rocks’ in place for 2024.


To ensure that all our business operations comply with the Building Safety Act 2024, we aim to attain and maintain the highest levels of certifications. Maple are Constructionline Gold members and have consistently been certified with ISO Accreditations ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and ISO-25001.
Despite these worthy achievements, we are constantly building on our successes by finding new ways to improve our operations, for example, we’ve recently become FIRAS-approved and registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme. 


To ensure everyone in the Maple family understands what is required to comply with the Building Safety Act, every team member is expected to complete a ‘Personal Development Plan’ which helps to identify any gaps in their skills, knowledge, experience and behaviours.  Also, in line with EOS practices and the BSA’s introduction of the ‘Accountable Person’, Maple have produced a series of ‘Accountability Charts’ for each department which clearly defines the rules and responsibilities of every member of the Maple team to ensure the right people are doing the right job. 


Our products are also a major part of guaranteeing adherence with the Building Safety Act. NBS Source and product data sheets are both effective ways of proving compliance and each of our products undergoes various testing to ensure they perform in line with the BSA and exceed client expectations. Maple are also a member of the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology meaning we can remain at the forefront of the latest cladding information and make sure our products remain up to date.

supply chain compliance

Our supply chain is a large component of our business operations therefore their conformance with the Building Safety Act is a vital part of guaranteeing our own. Each supplier we work with must meet our requirements and demonstrate full compliance.


As outlined in our previous BSA article, ‘What is the BSA 2022 and what changes does it bring to the construction industry?’, the Golden Thread is a major feature of the new act and serves to provide evidence that the development was compliant throughout production and construction. It was also stipulated that the thread must be stored as structured digital information to enable full transparency and provide a ‘single source of truth’.
To ensure full compliance with this new feature, Maple uses ‘Celoxis’ and a custom-built main operations system to effectively manage our projects and digitalise our processes which can be transferred to clients. 


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