Posted by Amy Bradbury on 22/11/23 14:17
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FIRAS is a third-party certification that provides assurance when appointing installers for fire safety systems.

Maple are proud to announce that we have recently received FIRAS certification (Fire Accreditation Scheme) . The scheme is designed for installation contractors of both passive and active fire protection systems to ensure that they have the correct training and skills for the job.

In order to be certified, companies must be reviewed by FIRAS through a series of assessments and those who achieve the certification are required to work in adherence to FIRAS rules and regulations.

The voluntary certification serves to improve the standards of the installation of fire protection systems and provide clients and principal contractors with confidence that both the suppliers and installers are verified and capable of completing the work.

The FIRAS certification joins several accreditations achieved by Maple, such as the Achilles Building Confidence Certificate and Acclaim Certificate for Health and Safety. To see more from our HSEQ library, visit the HSEQ Downloads section on our ‘About Maple’ page on our website.


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