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Despite being relatively new to the scheme, Maple scored an impressive 84% in our recent CCS Report.

 The Considerate Constructors Scheme is a non-profit organisation that aims to improve the image of the construction industry by improving standards and building trust.
The voluntary scheme began in 1997 and encourages construction sites, companies and suppliers to register and abide by a Code of Considerate Practice that encourages best practices beyond standard regulatory requirements.
Maple joined the scheme last year as part of our plans to continually meet and exceed client expectations. By taking part in the CCS, we hope to identify any areas in which we can improve our processes. Our latest CCS report was on site of our façade installation at Arle Court.


One of the factors of being a considerate constructor is showing awareness of how construction work can affect the environment. Utilising sustainable materials and reducing carbon emissions and noise pollution are vital considerations when seeking to improve the impact of construction work on the environment. In our recent CCS Report, we scored an impressive 13/15 for our effective waste control and use of off-site construction and MMC. Throughout all our operations, Maple reduces waste wherever we can. Onsite, we use stillages instead of pallets to transport materials so that they can be returned and reused. Also, all our packaging is fully recyclable.


Whilst completing construction work, contractors must show the utmost respect and consideration for the public to sustain a positive  relationship. Considerate actions include maintaining communication with affected parties (neighbours), minimising traffic disruption, supporting local communities and promoting the CCS code.
Onsite of Arle Court, the examiners recognised the tidy conditions of the site, which is being maintained by regular litter picks. A traffic management plan has also been implemented meaning that all deliveries are booked and coordinated.
Another way in which Maple have demonstrated this in the past is by agreeing to subsidise parking fees for a car park close to one of our projects. This helped to alleviate congestion on the local roads caused by on-street parking.
We have also helped principal contractors by supporting local initiatives such as providing Christmas presents for underprivileged children.


As well as remaining aware of the environment and the public, the Considerate Constructors Scheme recognises the importance of personal welfare. Companies that register with the scheme must make sure that everyone on their site is respected and supported. Personal development needs of the workforce must also be identified, and relevant training provided where necessary.
To look after the Maple family, we have protocols in place to encourage better knowledge and understanding which ensure that every team member has the tools to be the best they can be.
We have personal CPD plans for everyone that identify any gaps in skills, knowledge, experience or behaviours. Maple also understands the importance of mental wellbeing and have designated Mental Health First Aiders who work to maintain the well-being of the Maple family.
We have published an article on our Knowledge Centre which outlines methods of improving mental health awareness on a construction site and our team is currently developing ‘Healthy Eating and Lifestyle’ guides to share with employees and subcontractors. 


Employing safe practices on a construction site is paramount due to the number of variables that could prove fatal. When visiting the sites, monitors check to see if there are safety systems in place and initiatives for continuous safety improvement. Construction companies must embed attitudes and behaviours that enhance safety performance. Maple Façades continue to build on the success of our 2023 HSEQ statistics for, as of March 2024, we still have had no RIDDORS or LTIs.


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