Maple win contract to install architectural façade onto Guildford multi-storey car park

Posted by Amy Bradbury on 23/08/23 08:16
Guildford station and car park redevelopment
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Maple have won the contract to install an architectural façade comprising vertical and horizontal blades onto Guildford Station car park.

Maple will be contributing to the modernisation of Guildford Station through the installation of aluminium fins and louvres onto it’s new car park.

The architectural façade will clad the exterior of the multi-storey car park. The blades are being installed as cassettes which will be assembled at our Maple factory enabling easier and safer installation on-site. This process also reduces wastage while ensuring quality.

The vertical fins will be anodised in a bronze colour whereas the horizontal louvres are being naturally anodised, providing a sense of variation to the aesthetics of the façade. The building will also include bronze anodised feature flashing which will be fitted to complement the architectural façade.

The new multi-storey will provide improved pedestrian access and reduced walking time from car to train platform. It will also include separate pick-up and drop off areas and a new taxi rank. 

The development is part of new plans to transform the original car park into a new station quarter which will provide a new station building, retail and office space and over 400 new homes. The station itself will also undergo a transformation to become more modern.

The new multi-storey car park is expected to be completed Spring/Summer 2024. 
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