Posted by Jake Dunn on 27/04/21 13:17

It’s a sign of the times. One of Nottingham City Council’s most significant construction projects of the last 20 years – and one designed to make an important visual contribution to the urban landscape – is a car park.

Maple are playing a central role in transforming a new multi-storey car park and interchange into an important city landmark within the £250m Broadmarsh regeneration project with an architectural façade designed for its looks AND its performance.

The 1,200-space car park is a far cry from traditional concrete and steel monoliths. Vertical aluminium fins, terracotta rainscreen cladding, glazed curtain walls and laser-cut perforated panels create a car park that simply doesn’t look like a car park – and was made possible by Maple’s ability to translate architectural visions into ‘buildable’ reality, and their commitment to work closely with all stakeholders. "Collaboration is key to this city centre regeneration project,” said John Morgan, a director at Leonard Design Architects.

The standout features of the design are a series of high-level, laser-cut panels that show images and quotes to represent the local area and the diversity of the community. Not only decorative, the panels will also protect car-park users from the elements.

Manufacturing and installation efficiencies have been ensured by a close working relationship between Leonard Design Architects, main contractor Galliford Try, Maple’s in-house design team and all other parties from Day One of the project in 2019.

The Broadmarsh car park building, which will also house a new bus station, is part of the masterplan for the area that includes the Central Library, Nottingham Castle visitor area and Nottingham College City Hub, a green public realm and new road layouts.

Maple are nearing the end of their year-long installation programme, with the car park scheduled for completion in autumn 2021.


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