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Maple launch new Aspect and eClips rainscreen cladding systems
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Here is an overview of how Maple's new rainscreen cladding systems will bring value to your cladding projects.


Aspect rainscreen façade system and eClips support system are designed for strength, performance and increased thermal efficiency.

Both systems have passed testing for fire safety with Efectis and undergone real-life scenario tests for weather tightness and impact resistance at the Vinci Technology Centre. In addition, Maple have also been recently approved as FIRAS compliant, a voluntary certification which serves to improve the standards of the installation of fire protection systems and provide clients and principal contractors with confidence that both the suppliers and installers are verified and capable of completing the work.

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eClips rainscreen facade system


eClips provides the perfect foundation for rainscreen façade systems.

There are two variations of eClips, HL (horizontal orientations) and VL (vertical orientations).

By placing fewer, higher thermal specification and better load-bearing brackets at greater centres, eClips reduces costs, installation time, and thermal conductivity of the subframe.

The design of the brackets incorporates sustainable helping-hand clips which can be reused or recycled after the support structure is fixed permanently, helping BREEAM projects achieve their sustainability goals. It is this design that helps to mitigate the risk of air pockets during installation for improved thermal efficiency and better fire protection.

Also, the support system uses cutting-edge, patented insulation-fix technology to enhance U-values and weather-sealing performance by reducing the number of penetrations into the fixing grounds.

Finally, the eClips rainscreen support system enables a wide range of products to be fixed to the building envelope. This opens endless creative possibilities for architects and contractors.

 Aspect rainscreen facade system


Aspect is a class-leading rainscreen façade system offering superior aesthetics and increased thermal efficiency thanks to the eClips support system.

There are two variations of Aspect, CTH (horizontal orientations) and CTV (vertical orientations).

Aspect CTH is often used when there is a greater tolerance in setting out the sub-frame. Whereas Aspect CTV is only suited for concrete stair cores and flat surface areas and particularly lends itself to portrait (vertical) panels.

The panel options available provide a versatile range in terms of size and finish. Materials range from aluminium to stainless and corten steel which can be embossed, solid, perforated and laser-cut depending on the architect’s vision.

Architects and specifiers can now add Maple rainscreen systems to their specifications through NBS Chorus. Visit our NBS page in the section below to get started or speak to a rainscreen cladding expert today. 

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Download our Aspect and eClips brochures

The Aspect rainscreen façade system and eClips support system are engineered for strength, performance, and improved thermal efficiency. 

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