Can rainscreen cladding be installed on roofs?

There is nothing to stop rainscreen cladding material being installed as an architectural feature on roofs.

In a nutshell: 

  • Rainscreen cladding can be installed as an architectural feature on roofs
  • Aluminium, timber, copper, terracotta cladding can be used on roofs
  • Rainscreen cladding systems are not designed to be watertight – roofs must be properly sealed before cladding can be installed
  • Talk to a specialist to learn more about installing rainscreen cladding on roofs

In fact, it’s increasingly common on projects where architects want to create a consistent flow of materials from ground level to the top of modern buildings.

However, the important word to consider is rainscreen cladding ‘material’ – aluminium, copper, terracotta or similar. If the roof is properly sealed, then these materials can be used.

However, when it comes to using rainscreen cladding ‘systems’ on roofs? Absolutely not.

This is because (as you well read elsewhere in Maple’s Knowledge Centre) rainscreen cladding systems are not designed to be watertight. Even so-called ‘sealed’ systems may allow some moisture to penetrate.

So, in short, if you want to install rainscreen cladding on a roof, you’ll have to ensure the roof itself is completely watertight first.

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