Posted by Keely Beech on 18/03/21 07:58
30th Car Park

Architectural façade specialists Maple have landed large-scale car park project for a Midlands Hospital

The new multi-storey car park continues a remarkable success story for the company, which completed its first car park façade less than a decade ago.

Once rather dull and utilitarian urban buildings, car parks have been transformed by the use of architectural façades. One leading architect says imaginative design is bringing ‘a moment of improved existence’ to city dwellers, while one of Maple’s earliest projects – Victoria Gate car park in Leeds – has been named the third ‘coolest’ in the world.

The 550-space hospital car park in the midlands will feature perforated aluminium panels to all elevations, which will hide the steel and concrete structure but allow natural light and ventilation to enter the building.

It is a fitting milestone for Maple, whose first architectural façade car park project was at another hospital, Addenbrookes in Cambridge, almost a decade ago – a project that paved the way for future successes in Maple’s car park portfolio.

“Architectural façade systems on car parks improve the experience for people on the inside, and the outside,” said Maple’s Managing Director, Sean McGrath. “Whether it’s to provide ventilation and natural light, and protect users from wind and rain, or shield local residents from headlight glare (or even noise), Maple offer a wide range of systems, designs and materials.”

The hospital car park design will also incorporate expanded mesh panels on some elevations, but Maple’s previous 29 projects have used horizontal blades and vertical fins, solid and laser-cut panels and, most recently, bespoke systems that create intriguing 3D shapes.

The car park is due to be completed by autumn 2021.


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