Will Horridge: What being an apprentice means to me

Posted by Jake Dunn on 15/07/22 07:33
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World Youth Skills Day is celebrated every year on July 15. Established by the United Nations, it focuses on the importance of equipping young people with the skills for employment and fulfilling work.

Although it’s a global celebration, you’ll be able to find great examples of its reach near you. At Maple, we’re particularly proud of our apprenticeship programme, and the opportunities it provides - not just on July 15, but every day.

So, what’s in it for young people? Here, design apprentice Will Horridge takes us behind the scenes.

What qualification are you working towards?

I’m doing a Level 3 Engineering Design and Draftsperson apprenticeship. It’s a 42-month course and I spend four days each week at Maple and one at college.

What skills are you learning?

I’m learning to produce engineering designs and drawings for all kinds of components, structures and systems in the construction industry. I’m currently learning how to use AutoCAD and Inventor, but I’ve also learned so many other skills that will benefit me for my whole working life.

Apart from college and on-the-job training, what other support do you get?

The people here at Maple are amazing. They’re so kind and supportive. If I need any help, I just need to ask.

Why did you choose to start an apprenticeship?

I thought it would be better than going to university or leaving education altogether. Working and getting real experience while still learning sounded more suited to me.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to your friends?

Definitely. Working while learning gives you so much more experience than you would get in a classroom. And you get paid for it too!

Find out more about Maple's commitment to apprenticeships.  


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