Do Maple hire apprentices?

Apprenticeships can be an exciting opportunity for apprentice and employer.

In a nutshell:

  • Maple developing talent through apprenticeship programmes
  • Apprenticeships for multiple areas of the business are in place
  • Programme supports local communities and offers real jobs, real experience – and real pay
  • Apprenticeships demonstrate Maple’s commitment to company growth, people development and service excellence

Hiring an apprentice is a great way to develop talent and create a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce. And, of course, being an apprentice is a real job, where you learn, gain experience – and get paid.

Does Maple run apprenticeship programmes?

100%. As a family business, we’ve built our reputation on the skills and experience of our people – and it extends to the next generation.

In collaboration with the Stockport Engineering Training Centre, we’ve been supporting engineering operative apprentices for five years. Two have joined the company full-time, while our most recent is combining hands-on experience on the factory floor with a college course.

We’ve also recently taken on our first apprentice in CAD software and design, who spends four days each week at Maple and one at college. The marketing department has also benefitted from Maple's extensive apprenticeship programme through content creation and copywriting.  

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