Maple ‘trusted to deliver excellence’ for Rolls-Royce

Posted by Alfie Newton on 13/03/19 16:16
Rolls Royce Test Bed

With a focus on quality, innovation and attention to detail, Maple could be described as the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of architectural façade companies... Here’s new proof.

In the week that specialist testing begins on Maple’s new architectural façade design for a Liverpool car park - when two Rolls-Royce engines will simulate the impact of a Category 3 hurricane – we are getting ready for a prestigious new project at the aerospace giant’s new testbed.

We have been commissioned to create and install 4.5m high vertical brise soleil fins (with an aerofoil profile, of course) for the main elevation of Rolls-Royce’s new £150m facility in Derby.

The 10 blades will be positioned on the south-facing glazing to provide protection from the sun, but will also be constructed from perforated aluminium for visual impact.

Installation on the curtain wall will require bespoke ‘cruciform’ brackets to cope with horizontal and vertical loading from large blades, which have been designed with hidden internal ‘stiffeners’ to provide strength and stability over the long spans.

The new testbed will by the size of a football pitch, and will be the largest indoor facility of its kind in the world. With digital technology to replicate all conditions and new x-ray capabilities, it will be capable of testing today’s most advanced engines for the next generation of aircraft.


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