Posted by Jake Dunn on 28/05/21 00:00

Maple’s patent-pending insulation clips can reduce penetration into a building envelope by as much as 95%.

They’re key components in our class-leading rainscreen cladding system, which has been designed the address the major manufacturing and installation pain points within the sector.
In the latest in a series of blogs explaining how Maple’s system will change the way architects, contractors and clients specify rainscreen cladding, we’re taking a closer look at the clips.
“It’s probably the most revolutionary aspect of our system,” said Maple’s Managing Director, Sean McGrath, who has previously discussed the benefits of thermally efficient and better load-bearing brackets and an optimised sub-structure.
While small pins have traditionally been used to attach insulation to the building, our clips attach the panels direct to the mullions or horizontal rails without penetration. Not only does it reduce the risk of leaks and air gaps – making the building more thermally efficient – it reduces the time (and inherent dangers) of drilling at height.
The patent-pending clips, which are manufactured in high-grade aluminium, are powder-coated for added protection, and brightly coloured for ease of inspection.
They’re the result of finite element analysis, desktop product design and prototyping by Maple’s design team, who have used their vast experience to revolutionise installation methodology, reduce the amount of material required and improve overall structural integrity, and create a commercially viable solution for clients.
“Maple has a long-standing reputation for service, product-knowledge and being pro-active in product and system design,” added Sean.


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Download our rainscreen cladding brochure

Our class-leading rainscreen cladding system is designed for strength, performance and installation efficiency.

As well as meeting BS8414:2 2020 standards, the system design (from substructure to facing panels) has been tested for strength and undergone finite element analysis to offer superior performance

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