Posted by Alfie Newton on 01/04/21 11:10

Maple’s class-leading rainscreen cladding system has been developed component by component

In the first in a series of blogs getting under the skin of the system, we’re taking a closer look at the brackets.
Unlike traditional systems, our primary brackets can be positioned at 1,200mm centres – reducing overall costs and cutting installation time.
Manufactured in stainless steel, the patent-pending brackets have improved load-bearing qualities and can be up to 16 times more thermally efficient than industry-norm aluminium brackets. Weather seals are incorporated into the base of the brackets to eliminate the risk of moisture ingress behind the weather membrane.
“When designing the system, we’ve looked very closely at strength-to-weight ratios, material costs and installation methodology to create a commercially viable solution for clients,” said Maple’s Managing Director, Sean McGrath. “But we also considered health and safety implications - installing fewer brackets means less time working at height.”
Maple’s advanced rainscreen system is the result of Finite element analysis, desktop product design and prototyping. It’s been designed to BS8414:2 2020 standards and has been through stringent CWCT lab-testing. The brackets have also been independently load-tested to 12kN m2 by VINCI Technology Centre UK.
The brackets are best used with Maple’s mullion and carrier-rail system, which benefits from the company’s 30-year experience of creating extruded aluminium components for the solar screening and architectural façade sectors.
“Maple’s system will change the way architects, contractors and clients specify rainscreen cladding,” added Sean. “It’s been designed to address the major manufacturing and installing pain points within the sector.”


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Download our rainscreen cladding brochure

Our class-leading rainscreen cladding system is designed for strength, performance and installation efficiency.

As well as meeting BS8414:2 2020 standards, the system design (from substructure to facing panels) has been tested for strength and undergone finite element analysis to offer superior performance

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