Maple's Strata Corona brise soleil used at Heathrow's World Business Centre 4 offices building

Posted by David Carroll on 17/11/17 14:26

Maple have completed work on solar shading for a new office building at Heathrow 

World Business Centre 4 is the latest development in a large multi-occupancy complex near Terminal 2.  The four storey building will have 85,000 square feet of office space, and an impressive full-height reception area and atrium.

Maple helped bring design impact and functional practicality to the building, in partnership with Granada Architectural Glazing.

Angled vertical blades coated in Anolok bronze will focus attention on the main entrance ― and provide shade for the glazed front ― while our Strata Corona brise soleil system will be used on other elevations.

The development is due to be completed in early-2018.


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Maple has delivered solar shading projects throughout the UK including architectural façades, brise soleil, climate façades, louvres and plant screens. To see more projects and find out what makes Maple different, download our showcase brochure.

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