New faces, new projects and a ‘new normal’ at Maple

Posted by Jake Dunn on 12/08/21 01:00

Following the end of Covid-19 restrictions, we’re looking forward to being back in the Maple office full-time.

After many long months, we’re ready to welcome clients, contractors and architects to our Stockport offices for face-to-face meetings.
We’re also looking forward to introducing the many new faces who have joined the Maple team during lockdown.
  •  Gavin Anderson - Factory Operative
  •  Ken Basnett - Senior Rainscreen Estimator
  •  Mike Broderick - Financial Controller
  •  Jake Dunn – Digital Marketing Executive
  •  Rick Geary - Procurement Specialist
  •  Tony Goulding - Contracts Manager
  •  John Hughes - Procurement Assistant
  •  Mark Revell - Project Consultant
  •  Eric Ross - Facade Specialist/Bid Manager
  •  Theo Stavrinides - Goods In/Out Manager
It’s an exciting time, but it is also important that the health and wellbeing of all staff, our clients and everyone we work with remains a priority.
That means a Covid-safe environment – just as we have ensured on site during recent challenging times.
Many of these projects have started (or been completed) during lockdown – a tribute to the hard work and diligence of our teams and our partners.
Why not take a look at some of amazing architectural façades and solar screening systems that kept us busy during the pandemic?
In the meantime, if you have a project you would like to discuss with us, please get in touch.


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