What's the best way to improve mental health awareness on a construction site?

Let’s start with the unpleasant truths first. Construction sites are still male-dominated workplaces... and men don’t like talking about their problems.

In a nutshell: 

  • 5 tips to improve mental health awareness on construction sites
  • Don’t be afraid to access help and support
  • Be prepared to talk (and listen) to others
  • Look after yourself – exercise and eat well
  • Look out for others – learn to read the signs
  • Rest and take regular breaks

So, when people are under stress or facing mental health challenges, it can often go unnoticed. And make no mistake, construction sites can be stressful places. Tight deadlines, dangerous working environments, risky operations, pressure to meet targets and get the job done...

The number one priority, of course, is to reduce or eliminate these pressures at source – to deal with the root cause of stress. Huge strides are being made. But, in the meantime, we still need to improve mental health awareness.

5 tips to improve mental health awareness on construction sites

  1. Don’t be afraid to access help and support. Find out who your Wellbeing First Aiders are, and don’t ignore posters and leaflets about professional help.
  2. Be prepared to talk (and listen). The chances are, there are people on site facing the same stresses as you. A problem shared, and all that...
  3. Look after yourself. There are clear links between physical and mental wellbeing. Exercise and eat well. Maple’s local NHS Foundation Trust has great information on their website.
  4. Look out for others. Learn to pick up on the signs. Are colleagues looking tired, being irritable or uncommunicative, or looking unkempt or badly dressed?
  5. Rest and take regular breaks. Everything from tea breaks or lunch breaks to days off and longer holidays can all help you recharge your batteries.

Getting extra help

The Construction Industry Helpline provides support for construction workers and their families, and construction organisations.

Call 0345 605 1956

Visit www.constructionindustryhelpline.com

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