Maple weather louvres reach new heights at Farnborough aerospace facility

Posted by Alfie Newton on 26/10/18 10:54
Cody Technology Park-567439-edited

Maple are using louvred panels to provide ventilation on a massive scale.

We’re well known for the louvred screens that protect plant and machinery from the elements, while maintaining a flow of cooling air.

Typically found on rooftops and on the exterior of plant rooms, they’re often part of larger architectural façade projects. However, on a new industrial building at the Cody Technology Park in Farnborough, our louvre system is very much the hero.

A total of 24 panels, measuring 10m x 2.5m are being placed high on the elevations to allow air into the factory while keeping rain and dirt out.

Despite their size, the louvres will follow Maple’s tried and tested methods of design, manufacture and installation. “It’s actually a relatively straightforward project for us,” said Maple’s Project Consultant, David Ham.

When complete, the building will offer office, R&D, laboratory or assembly space for the thriving local aerospace industry.


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