Our facing panels are manufactured in aluminium, stainless steel or terracotta to accommodate different budgets and architectural styles – but they all offer high fire-protection performance and structural strength. They’re available as flat folded sheet cassettes, aluminium extrusions panels and terracotta tiles in a range of sizes and projections.
Substructure components are also vital parts of our system – find out more on our brackets, mullion, transom, carrier clip and insulation clip pages.
  Description Stainless Steel Aluminium Terracotta
RNS-PN System (Face Fix) Panels fix directly to Mullion T-Section for Faster installation. Limited panel size and onsite adjustment Stainless-steelweb150 Aluminiumweb150  
RNS-PN System (Hidden-fix) Panels fix to mullion and supported by transom carrier rail. Fixing's hidden. Easier onsite alignment Stainless-steelweb150 Aluminiumweb150  
RNS-EX System (Extruded Slat) Extruded aluminium panels available curved or flat for 3d projection. Fixings hidden by interlocking panels. Custom panel options available   Aluminiumweb150  
RNS-TR System (Terracotta panel) Hook on terracotta tiles available in a range of colours     Terracotta-tileweb150



RNS-PN System - Face-Fix
Panels are fixed directly to the mullion T-section for a simple and effective cladding solution which is fast to install. Available as folded aluminium in panel sizes of up to 1,200mm.
Material: Aluminium or Stainless Steel
Fixing Type: Direct to Mullion
Unique selling point: Faster installation and economical panel
Technical consideration: Limited panel sizes
RNS-PN System - Hidden-Fix
The AH/SH system* uses a hidden-fix and requires a transom carrier rail to allow for tall and narrow panel sizes. A more elegant panel profile, which also uses serrated mullions to allow for easy onsite adjustment and better panel alignment. Available as folded aluminium or stainless steel sheets
Material: Aluminium (A) or Stainless Steel (S)
Fixing Type: Hidden-Fix
Unique selling point: easier panel alignment and larger panels with up to 1500mm centres
*See table below
Code Description
RNS-PN-FL-AH Flat panel, Aluminium, Hidden-Fix
RNS-PN-FL-SH Flat panel, Stainless Steel, Hidden-Fix


RNS-EX System
Extruded aluminium offers flat, curved, wave and overlap profiles – bespoke designs are also available. Fixings are hidden behind interlocking panels for a system focused on the design aesthetic.
Material: Aluminium
Fixing Type: Direct to Mullion
Unique selling point: 3D projection and bespoke options with fixing up to 1500mm
RNS-TR System
Terracotta tile panels are available in a range of colours to suit all project requirements. Fabricated in non-combustible clay, the facing panels are fire-rated.
Material: Terracotta
Fixing Type: Various
Unique selling point: Large panel choice/options
Technical consideration: Weight of panels and limited flexibility due to brittle nature of material
Patent Number: GB2577691 - Improvement in and related to build-up walls. Date of Publication 08.04.2020.
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