Careful project planning is a vital part of the Maple service – getting the right product, at the right price, to the right place, at the right time.

We have decades of experience in the construction industry, but we also know that Maple is only ever one cog in a larger wheel. Today’s complex construction projects involve varied teams of people and companies. So, as well as making sure every concept is buildable and can be delivered safely – on time and on budget – our dedicated project management team collaborates with architects, site managers and other contractors to ensure an effective, coordinated process.

White Oak Leisure Centre

We manufactured and installed a large architectural façade for White Oak Leisure Centre in Swanley ahead of schedule thanks to our proven project management processes and close collaboration with all stakeholders.

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Expanded mesh architectural facade on white oak leisure centre

A solution-based approach – we’re pro-active in responding to challenges that may affect timings, budgets and quality, from initial design to final installation

Progress tracking – we monitor progress at every milestone to ensure projects are running effectively and on time

Communication – we provide accurate and timely information to all stakeholders, with clearly defined processes, document control and points of contact

Accredited operating processes – all our products and operating processes are accredited to the highest standard for quality, health and safety, and environmental management

Construction Project business man Architect engineer manager at construction site