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Posted by Keely Beech on 06/06/22 14:25
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World Environment Day is an international day of awareness and action that happens on 5 June each year.

It’s a chance for the whole world – from governments and businesses to schools, cities and communities – to focus on protecting the planet.
But saving resources and taking action on climate change isn’t just something that happens once a year. Here at Maple, we’re committed to promoting sustainable behaviour and reducing our carbon footprint every single day.
“Within the construction industry, Maple and our supply-chain have the potential to use a lot of energy and generate a lot of waste in our processes,” said HSEQ Manager Mark Simpson.
“But across every area of business, from design and manufacture to installation, we’re working hard to reduce energy and waste, and make a real impact on reducing our carbon footprint.”
As well as reducing and recycling packaging for goods delivered to our Stockport factory or to site, we’re working with carbon emissions consultants Auditel on a full carbon footprint audit and reduction programme.
“Before we can react with a plan to become carbon neutral, we first need to understand where we are,” said Mark. “Auditel are helping us produce a report that will look at our own operational carbon, as well as our supply chain’s.
“We’ll then have a baseline that we can look to improve on – not by carbon offsetting but by real actions across all our business.”
While we await the finalisation of the report, we’re already targeting priority areas. For example, we’re looking to install solar panels at our factory and are replacing diesel-powered vehicles with electric onsite, where possible. Meanwhile, retaining online meetings post-Covid is continuing to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.


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