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Posted by David Carroll on 16/10/17 11:50
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We’re often asked where the Maple name comes from.

You might not be too surprised to discover that it has nothing to do with trees, Canada or a sugary syrup. But did you know that Maple is, in fact, an acronym?

Just like Asda (Associated Dairies), Qantas (Queensland and Northern Territories Air Service) and Vodafone (Voice Data Fone).

In our case, Maple stands for McGrath and Partners Lancashire England.

As Maple, we are well-known for our products and our services. It’s a name that is synonymous with quality, innovation and customer satisfaction ― and one we’re very proud of. However, sometimes it’s important to remind everyone where we came from.

The McGrath, of course, is Trevor McGrath, who founded the company in 1983. Today, we remain a family business... with the enduring family values of care, respect and integrity underpinning everything we do.

Back in the 1980s, the ‘partners’ in our name was a reference to our corporate structure. Today, it has much more significance.

On every project, we work in ‘partnership’ with architects, contractors and clients to achieve the very best outcome.

While today’s solar shading technology has obvious practical benefits, our products are also increasingly part of the architectural aesthetic. So, we partner some of the UK’s leading architectural practices to help transform their visions for building exteriors into practical, beautiful and award-winning reality.

Meanwhile, leading construction companies partner us to design, create and install an extensive range of solar shading solutions for individual projects and large developments.

From airports and commercial properties to schools, universities, car parks, police stations and NHS buildings... they’re all projects we’re proud to put our name to.


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Maple has delivered solar shading projects throughout the UK including architectural façades, brise soleil, climate façades, louvres and plant screens. To see more projects and find out what makes Maple different, download our showcase brochure.


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