Range of Maple's brise soleil systems on display at Oxford Brooke's University

Posted by Alfie Newton on 02/05/18 15:01

Oxford Brookes University is one of the best places to view the range of Maple's solar screening products.

We've been working with architects Berman Guedes Stretton and contractors McLaughlin & Harvey on the refurbishment of the Clerici Building and former library at the Headington campus.

The £17m project is creating new teaching and learning spaces, a new home for the Faculty of Business and a rebuilt Main Hall for teaching and events.  But it's outside that you'll see our work.

While the architects were tasked with maximizing natural light in the revamped reception area and social learning spaces, Maple's challenge was to control unwanted solar heat and gain.

We installed more than 50 vertical fins on the old library building and combined them with our Strata Corona cassette-style brise soleil for optimum shading 

A further 100 fins were installed on the refurbished Clerici Building, along with our horizontal Brise Soliel system.

All components were coated in bronze Analok or silver anodized, according to the architects' specification.

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Maple has delivered solar shading projects throughout the UK including architectural façades, brise soleil, climate façades, louvres and plant screens. To see more projects and find out what makes Maple different, download our showcase brochure.

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