Maple have appointed Mark Simpson as HSEQ and Business Improvement Manager.

Posted by David Carroll on 02/07/19 08:10
Maple appoint HSEQ

Maple’s new HSEQ and Business Improvement Manager recently worked on product quality and safety for the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which after its explosion in 1986 was regarded as the most dangerous place on earth.


With surely the ultimate in understatement, Mark Simpson describes his role in the supply of ventilation systems for Chernobyl’s New Safe Confinement Arch as merely ‘interesting’. Nevertheless, how can life at Maple possibly compare?

“I’m really excited about joining Maple,” said Mark, who has more than 30 years’ experience in promoting people’s health and safety, protecting the environment, and developing products and processes that maximise quality and minimise risk.

“All businesses have a moral and legal duty of care, but what I see at Maple are people who have a clear passion for health, safety, the environment and quality. It goes right through all business activities and is embedded in the culture of the company as a whole.

“Maple are clearly ambitious and have a growing reputation, which means they are winning bigger contracts. But I’m impressed how they’re promoting sensible, controlled and sustainable growth in a way that doesn’t compromise quality or put people or the environment at risk.”

Mark says he’s excited to be joining Maple at such an exciting time, and using his experience in implementing business management systems in accordance with key international standards such as ISO-9001 (Quality), ISO-14001 (Environment), and OHSAS-18001 / ISO-45001 (Health and Safety).

“The main aim is to bring together the various HSEQ elements under a single integrated management system that’s structured, manages risk, delivers compliance and provides the platform for growth which fits in with the overall strategy of the business,” he added.

“I’ll also be ensuring our supply chain continues to reflect our core values, and is capable of delivering HSEQ compliance. I will work with key suppliers, so all parties learn from each other in terms of expectations and capabilities.”


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