Posted by Jake Dunn on 18/10/22 09:33
Maple join the MPBA
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Maple have become members of the Modular and Portable Building Association.

Although the MPBA was founded in 1938, their membership has soared in recent years following the growing trend towards modern methods of construction (MMC). And with Maple’s products – louvred screening and brise soleil in particular – lending themselves perfectly to MMC, it’s important that we’re aligned to the latest thinking.
As thought-leaders in the industry, the MPBA plays a key role in supporting members, collaborating with specialists, and enhancing innovation in the design and manufacture of modular buildings.
Maple’s Project Consultant, Mark Revell, said membership of the MPBA would help the company stay at the forefront of modular construction within the solar screening and architectural façade sector. He added: “Assembling our products as modules within a controlled factory setting ensures the highest quality, and makes installation on site quicker, more cost effective and safer.”
“I’ve worked in the modular market for more than 20 years, and have seen it really take off in recent years. Joining MPBA is a real show of Maple’s commitment to this important area of modern construction.”


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