‘Essential guide’ event is rated 9/10

Posted by Jake Dunn on 25/05/22 16:35
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How do you make a façade project a success? Well, for a group of contractors, architects and clients, the answer was to attend Maple’s first customer event of the year.

'Essential guide to making façade projects a success' was held at our Stockport offices on April 26, and provided valuable insight with live demos, guest speakers and Q&A sessions.

More than 20 people attended the event, which kicked off with an introduction to the fundamental principles of pre-construction. AkzoNobel followed it up with an insight into the fire performance of powder coatings, while Maple’s Head of Pre-construction & Design, Adam Jones, delivered a live demonstration of FEA and desktop analysis.

The event was rated an average 9.1 out of 10 by the guests. “We were delighted by the positive feedback, and by the way leading architects and main contractors networked over lunch,” said Maple’s Head of Sales and Marketing, David Carroll. “We’re already planning our next event.”


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