Liverpool John Moores University protected by Maple's brise soleil solar shading

Posted by Alfie Newton on 07/08/18 15:02
LJMU School Of Law-489335-edited

Liverpool John Moores University’s School of Law is located within the £37m Redmonds Building.

Completed in 2013, the landmark building is a six-storey mix of textures and materials, including huge glass panels that offer stunning views across the city.

However, even new buildings need to evolve, and Maple have been asked to supply and install a brise soleil system to protect the south-facing School of Law from direct sunlight.

More than 160 vertical blades, up to 15m tall, are being fitted to the building in a project imagined by Bretton Architecture and overseen by contractors Galliford Try.

The rectangular blades will be perforated to reduce weight, while retaining their effectiveness against solar gain and glare, and contributing to the building’s overall aesthetic.


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