Backworth Park Primary School to use Maple's timber brise soleil system

Posted by Alfie Newton on 19/02/18 09:14
Backworth Primary School IMG-153186-edited

Work has started on a new primary school to serve a growing community in North Tyneside.

Backworth Park Primary School is moving to a purpose-built facility - and Maple are delighted to be involved.

We’ll supply and install a timber brise soleil system at the new school. Using treated Siberian larch, the rectangular blades will extend out horizontally from under the roof line to protect classrooms and offices from direct sunlight.

The design and material of the brise soleil system is in keeping with the rest of the school, which will also feature timber cladding as well as wooden bike sheds and outdoor learning areas.

However, as well as being fit-for-purpose and visually consistent, the timber brise soleil system will also be cost-effective and easy to install thanks to its cassetted off-site construction.

The new building is scheduled to open in September of 2018.



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