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Maple have created a commercially compelling weather louvre system with a patented aerodynamic blade profile that can be easily converted from single-bank to double-bank to deliver Class A performance.
The innovative system is the result of extensive research and development – we used Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics and data simulation, and combined it with years of knowledge and experience. The result is a system that keeps the core velocity of airflow to a maximum and reduces pressure drop but still prevents water ingress.
The new high-performance system sets new standards ― tested and certified by BSRIA to deliver Class A performance at wind speeds of up to 2 metres per second and Class B at 3 metres/second.

Key benefits: 

  • Class A performance at <2 m/s face velocity
  • Single or double-bank louvres with modular design
  • Options for bird mesh, and standard or insulated blanking panel
  • Available with single and double-door options
  • Mullion design incorporates side drainage
  • Designed to provide the same external aesthetics as traditional louvre systems

improved efficiency and performance

Manufactured in extruded aluminium, the system guides airflow above and below the blades ― resulting in an effective ‘laminate’ airflow with minimal turbulence. In response to architects’ aesthetic requirements, the advanced profile incorporates a front-facing lip that does not affect performance.


Our high-performance louvre can be changed from a single- to double-bank system using a unique clip-on design, without the need for additional brackets or modifications to the existing mullions. The system also incorporates a drainage system to remove water that has been trapped.


When compared to the BSRIA test results of standard Class B systems, Maple's patented weather louvre offers more than 5% extra efficiency against the elements. Our Class A louvre system performs at 98% efficiency levels.

Patent Number: GB2567627 - Exterior Vent-Louvre Assembly. Date of Publication 24.04.2019.

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