Our Diamond Route programme is designed to manage the complete project – from concept to final installation. It provides peace of mind and keeps you informed on the progress of projects with messages and alerts.

Exceptional service tailored to your project

Many companies strive to provide exceptional service for their clients. At Maple, we also want to ‘delight’ you at every stage ― with processes, communications and project management that are all focused on your exact requirements.  It’s a process, document control and communication framework for even the most complex solar shading installations.

Relevant, timely and accurate

We tailor our communications to meet the unique requirements of every construction project ― and every client. However, every single message or contact will always be:

Relevant ― the information you need on the project
Timely ― exactly when you need to be informed
Accurate ― the right level of detail and precision

Satisfaction scoring

By monitoring performance across key areas (such as design services, project management, onsite cleanliness and customer satisfaction) we’re able to ensure consistent quality in the service we offer. We use a Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure our customers’ experience, and consistently achieve scores of more than 90% across all performance areas.