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As experts in façade engineering, Maple has designed a high-performing system to improve thermal performance and Health and Safety approaches whilst reducing the life-time-costs of the facade. 

The Rainscreen system has also been designed on non-combustible materials and a forward-thinking approach that characterises all our products; - bespoke by design, easy to build and efficient to install.

Key technical gains include;

Performance tested - The system is tested and compliant to BS8414:2020 standards and is designed around non-combustible materials such as aluminium, stainless steel and terracotta clay. In addition to the A1 fire rating, the system has been performance tested at Vinci and CWCT laboratories

Sub-structure -  through Finite-Element-Analysis (FEA), desktop product design and prototyping, every aspect of the structure has been optimised to firstly reduce the amount of material required and secondly improve the structural integrity of the system

Patent-pending insulation clips - A unique feature of the system is the mechanical fixing of an extruded aluminium clip. The vertical clip which connects to the mullion and a horizontal clip for connecting to a transom carrier, almost illuminating the number of penetrations into the structure of the building. This feature improves U values and weather sealing performance of the façade

Enhanced bracket centres - brackets can be set at 1200mm centres both vertically and horizontally. Not only does this save on bracket costs, but also speeds up the installation time, improves thermal performance and Health and Safety

Green credentials - as many construction projects focus on Breeam performance, our system has its own environmental story. Our helping hand brackets are removable so they can be reused or recycled after the vertical mullions are permanently fixed

Flexibility – Components can be used within the Maple Rainscreen system or as individual components. Thought has been given to interconnect with the facade buildup such as cavity barriers, stone wall insulation breather membranes

Class-leading rainscreen cladding