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Adam Jones, Head of Design and Pre-Construction at Maple, called the project 'A successful blend of architectural imagination and engineering excellence.'

Maple Façades were responsible for the design, supply and installation of an innovative panel façade for the £23m Baltic Quarter car park in Gateshead.
The façade consists of an arrangement of perforated and solid aluminium panels which are strategically placed to create a textured, 3D diamond effect.
One of the most intriguing parts about this project is its journey to becoming a reality. The design was the brainchild of Ryder Architecture who worked hand-in-hand with Maple’s design team. For every project we work on our focus is ensuring that the finished product is aligned with the architect's vision and budget whilst ensuring functionality.
Our pre-construction support is a vital part of achieving this balance. Adam Jones gave us an insight into the processes involved which ensured that this project was a success:
“As part of our pre-construction process, we explored value-engineered options, including a lower-cost flat-panel option with the pattern recreated by the perforations. In the end, the architect and client went for our enhanced façade – although we were able to use standard triangular panels that made manufacturing and installation more efficient.”
The design also needed to accommodate the façade’s practical functions: to ventilate the car park and help disperse exhaust fumes, and to allow in natural light but reduce light pollution from car headlights.
Adam added “We also had to ensure that the perforations were large enough to avoid the ‘whistle effect’ in high winds, but small enough to reduce light spill. It was a careful balancing act involving desktop simulation – and a lot of design considerations.”
In addition to the main façade, Maple Façades have supplied and installed solid rainscreen panels to the exterior of the car ramps and stair core.
The ten-storey car park provides 1000 parking spaces and 50 vehicle charging ports and it is now open for public use.