Posted by Jake Dunn on 12/10/21 00:00
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Maple were ‘head and shoulders’ above other suppliers on an ecologically responsible car park project in Cheshire.

That’s the view of Caddick Construction’s contracts manager, Dave Burton, after the completion of the Glasshouse car park in Alderley Park.
Maple supplied and installed ventilation louvres, brise soleil fins and rainscreen cladding for the new multi-storey. The complex project required close collaboration between Maple, Caddick and architects BDP. But it was the attention to detail in pre-construction and onsite that impressed Dave most.
He said: “We sat down with their design team and they showed us how they would approach the project. Maple have been instrumental in the appearance and the overall quality of the job - the attention to detail was particularly good, and the onsite supervisors were superb.”
Central to the project was the design of louvres to reduce the impact of light spill on local wildlife, including bats. Installed to maximise ventilation from exhaust fumes, they were pitched at the precise angle to prevent external glare from car headlights.
It was an important factor in gaining planning permission for the multi-storey car park in an area of high ecological value.
The louvres were part of a challenging façade project that included aluminium fins and flat, solid rainscreen panels. The panels, which curved round the stair core areas, required our considerable design expertise, while the fins needed specialist fixings. 
All features were brought to life in Maple’s factory when BDP and Caddick Construction visited to view 3D renders, full production drawings and mock-ups.


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