Posted by Jake Dunn on 30/11/21 11:50
calthorpe park school brise soleil image

A new extension for a Hampshire secondary school includes outside spaces for dining, teaching and performing. 

But when then sun shines, Maple are committed to ensuring conditions inside Calthorpe Park School are just as pleasant for pupils and staff. 
We’re supplying and installing a brise soleil system for the Fleet secondary school that will allow natural light into the two-storey building but shade out direct sunlight. By doing so, our system will help cut energy costs by reducing the need for artificial light and expensive cooling systems. 
The blades, from Maple’s Corona range, are manufactured in western red cedar to blend with the soft tones of the brickwork. The steel supports are galvanised with an iron oxide finish, and match the colour of the window frames.  
“Hampshire County Council Property Services have designed a thoughtful, timeless and practical building that complements and adds to the existing campus – providing modern, energy efficient and delightful learning environments,” said a statement from main contractors Morgan Sindall Construction. 


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Our brise soleil system is simple but effective in reducing solar glare and heat gain around glazed areas

Brise soleil fins can be positioned at different pitches both vertically and horizontally to reduce solar glare for office buildings and defer light spill from headlights in car parks. 


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