Maple take the lead with roller blind technology at Audi showroom

Posted by Alfie Newton on 04/12/18 08:15
Audi Guildford

Roller blinds are often considered an afterthought ― a functional distraction to the design aesthetic.

At Maple, we overcome this challenge with early collaboration with architects and contractors, and advanced systems that fit seamlessly to windows or curtain glazing. But what happens on refurbishment projects, when the framework of a building is already established?

This was the challenge we faced at Audi’s new dealership in Guildford, where high-level roller blinds were required to prevent glare and reduce heat gain from the sun.

On a new build, the blind ‘box’ (or cartridge) would be hidden above ceiling height. However, there were no plans to replace the ceiling during the refurb. Instead, we fitted roller blinds to the curtain walls ― and added aluminium fascia panels in the same RAL colour as the window frames.

The result was roller blinds that were integrated with the glazing, and looked as if they had been there since Day One.

Maple has built a reputation for our work on showrooms for a number of car manufacturers but this was our first project with Northern Ireland-based contractors, Martin.

After a number of meetings with contractor and architect, we supplied and installed 23 wirelessly operated roller blinds to three elevations of the showroom. When closed, the 3% black-out fabric will permit some light to enter the building, although ground level windows will never be covered, allowing passers-by to see the cars.


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