Liverpool's Victoria Street car park transformed by Maple's architectural façade

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From prototype to reality - Maple façades bring contemporary design to Liverpool city centre.

Bespoke architectural façades are transforming the exterior design of a new car park in Liverpool.

Although the site had been empty since old municipal buildings were destroyed in World War Two, multi-storey car parks can be controversial additions to the urban realm.

Architects Leach Rhodes Walker were tasked with creating a ‘sensitive’ design that was ‘in keeping with the surrounding context of the site’ and did not impose on neighbouring buildings.

Working with Maple designers, the architects envisaged large perforated panels for the car park exterior that would not only keep out wind and rain but would also make a bold visual statement.

However, getting it wrong on a five-storey car park on a landmark site has serious implications. So, the project was one of the first to use the new dedicated prototype area at Maple’s factory in Stockport.

Architects, planners and contractors Wilmott Dixon were able to view real-life examples of the perforated panels and expanded mesh infills in advance ― at actual size.

Satisfied that the design would answer all practical and aesthetic considerations, the various partners continued to work together during design development, manufacture and installation.

The £6.5m project, which will include retail units, cafés and restaurants as well as 333 car park spaces, is part of a wider regeneration scheme for Liverpool city centre.

“The proposed scheme has been designed to ensure its scale and massing is in keeping with the surrounding context. The contemporary design will provide high-quality car park facilities in the city centre.”Liverpool council’s planning report