Maple install cassetted climate façade plant screen for The Triangle at Cambridge University


Maple install cassette-based climate façade ‘plant screen’ at leading university

The Triangle is the new home for Cambridge Assessment, the university’s international exam group. This building was designed to bring together staff from eleven offices in an open-plan office space that provides natural light, fresh air and a collaborative environment for employees. 


Working closely with HLM Architects and main contractor Bouygues UK, we installed plant louvres to the main buildings and open stairways at The Triangle to provide clean airflow but protect people and machinery from rain ingress and direct sunlight. We designed a custom louvre that aligned with the style of the rest of the building.  


We also faced the challenge of cloaking the car park with a finish that was sympathetic to the neighbouring conservation area but was also effective in cutting out noise.  


The solution was to use our own Corona climate façades, a cassette-based system chosen for ease of installation. Vertical fins were installed with rear blanking panels, which were manufactured in accordance to BS1474 and insulated to reduce sound by 24 decibels in accordance with the contractor’s specifications. Being able to manufacture at our own production facility allowed us full control of the schedule and enabled us to work closely with the project management team to complete work within the desired timeframe.


The vertical fin system throughout the project was powder-coated and zinc-primed for weather durability.