• stockport exchange car park
  • stockport exchange front
  • stockport exchange mesh panels
  • stockport exchange concertina panel

The car park is just one feature of Muse Development's £145m plan for the area.

Our latest perforated façade installation took place only three miles down the road from our headquarters. The 5-storey car park was designed by Ryder Architecture and is our latest collaboration with contractors Galliford Try following our Broadmarsh car park project in 2021.

Welded steel mesh panels were fitted to the east and south faces and perforated aluminium sheets mask the north, west and south elevations of the new car park in Stockport.

The individual aluminium sheets also have 280mm non-perforated folded returns which, once joined together, form a 3D concertina-style appearance. The visually striking exterior was fixed using Continuum façade system which is designed to withstand the live loads common to multi-storey car parks whilst providing architects with creative freedom.

Furthermore, the car park is also environmentally friendly as it includes measures to help reduce its carbon footprint. ANS Global were responsible for the supply of a living wall façade which will provide a range of benefits both structurally and environmentally. Also, the building features 172 solar panels which will help generate electricity to help power the 24 vehicle charging points.

The senior development manager at Muse, Tom Webber stated, “Sustainability and wellbeing are two of the core principles behind Stockport Exchange, and the new tenant car park demonstrates our commitment to delivering an environmentally conscious development in line with Stockport Council’s plans.’

Maple are on a journey to become a Net Carbon Zero business, therefore being involved in an environmentally conscious scheme on our home soil was a privilege.