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Maple have finished installing a vibrant fin façade onto the latest data centre on Kao Data campus.

Vertical fins in various shades of yellow and green clad the exterior of the KLON-02 building, the second of four phases at the Kao data campus offering a refreshing spectacle for Harlow residents.

Once completed, the East London data campus will offer hyperscale-inspired facilities and a home for advanced computing.

The exterior consists of Aurora aerofoil blades which are part of Maple’s brise soleil product range. Although, in this case, the application of the Aurora fins is purely for aesthetic reasons as they provide screening for the centre’s extensive IT equipment. We were also responsible for the supply and installation of louvres on the data centre, which provides ventilation for the building’s HVAC locations.

‘It's different from a lot of data centres because it has a bit more of an architectural feel to it. We’ve introduced brise soleil for our external areas which were constructed by Maple and makes it quite distinctive to other data centres’ said Paul McGeady, Project Manager at JCA Engineering.

The unique design of the data centre was envisioned by architects Marchini Curran Associates, whom Maple and JCA Engineering collaborated closely with to bring their vision to reality. Paul also recognised Maple’s expertise in bringing design concepts to life, ‘It reflects what’s on the architect's design to the last detail.’

Paul was also pleased with the quality of drawings supplied by our design team, which he rated 10/10 and said ‘We had a very good experience and where we did have issues with the fins it was dealt with really well.’