Glasgow Fort Shopping Centre improve customer experience with Maple's decorative panels

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Maple create a 'living art' façade at Glasgow Fort Shopping Centre car park

As part of a multi-million-pound development project to improve customer experience for shoppers, Maple created a ‘living wall’ installation with decorative architectural panels to transform Glasgow Fort Shopping Centre’s new 601-space multi-storey car park.

Designed to increase parking capacity at Glasgow Fort Shopping Centre by 25%, Glasgow Fort wanted the car park exterior to be beautiful as well as functional; the design needed to make an architectural statement, contrasting with the steelwork of the surrounding buildings, and providing stability and strong visual appeal. Maple have a proven track record of designing innovative architectural façades, so we were the perfect partner for this project.

Maple partnered with contractor McLaughlin & Harvey and architect Cooper Cromar to bring this impressive five-floor development to life.

Maple created and installed a ‘living art’ façade for the new car park, comprising a curved timber-clad steel enclosure, inspired by nature and supported by stunning landscaping and boardwalk frontage.

To construct this challenging feature façade, we worked with a range of sustainable materials, including 700m2 of Corten steel cladding, 1,100m2 of vertical timber fins, and 1,200m2 of curved timber fins spanning 75m.

By combining a range of products, we helped create a stunning car park exterior that delivered the visual impact and structural integrity required.

It was a great project for Maple – demonstrating our expertise in designing, manufacturing and installing architectural façades for landmark buildings with sustainable construction materials.

The provision of an additional 600 free parking spaces is fantastic news in response to the demand from customers to enjoy our leading brands. We are committed to continuing to improve your customer experience and the additional car parking and new guidance system will make it even easier to find a parking space.”Phil Goodman, Centre Manager, Glasgow Fort.