Maple's louvres, brise soleil and climate façades on show at Enniskillen's South West Acute Hospital


Louvres, brise soleil and climate façades on show as Maple combine design with function.

Visually stunning glass louvres are beyond what many people associate with Maple. But architects Anshen & Allen had the confidence to visualise them for a new Northern Ireland hospital ― and we had the experience and know-how to deliver.

The result is one of the must-see features of the new South West Acute Hospital in Enniskillen, which opened in 2012.

Bespoke frosted glass panels are fitted in sets of five to windows, and angled to protect the hospital’s clinical facilities from direct sunlight. Performing like vertical brise soleil (but integral to the building aesthetic), the panels are just part of our wide-reaching solar shading solution at the 232-bed state-of-the-art teaching hospital.

We also supplied and installed our own Corona horizontal brise soleil system ― in natural wood ― to large areas of south-facing glazing to make the interior space more comfortable for staff, patients and visitors.

Together, the glass and wood systems are perfect partners to one of the other design features of the £276m hospital ― a copper-coloured perforated screen that creates a dramatic statement at the main entrance.

Maple manufactured each individual panel to exacting tolerances to create a wave-shaped façade that not only hides and protects maintenance walkways but also controls solar gain, light and glare, and contributes to reduced energy bills.

“Maple was the clear winner for this prestigious contract with a bespoke product and service package that satisfied the project's practical and aesthetic demands at a competitive cost,” said David Ortiz, Design Manager for contractors FCC Elliott. “Maple’s solar shading system will begin to pay for itself from day one with energy savings for the hospital; it will cut its carbon footprint by reducing cooling and heating requirements.”