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How long will my blinds be guaranteed for?

A guarantee of up to 25 years for blinds is not unusual – and you should really be looking for that from your supplier.

In a nutshell: 

  • When comparing blinds, you should look for a guarantee of up to 25 years
  • The top companies have developed more reliable, longer-lasting and cost-effective products
  • Simpler control are maintenance-free and have fewer parts that can go wrong
  • Non-perishable materials and new designs are used to protect the most vulnerable areas

That may sound a long time when you consider it covers all the components, including fabric, rails, controls and (in the case of automated blinds) motors.

However, the industry has been working hard with manufacturers, suppliers, fitters and customers in recent years to develop more reliable, longer-lasting and cost-effective products.

Controls have been simplified to be maintenance-free. For example, as well as being safer, dual-purpose ‘wand’ controls reduce the number of components that can go wrong.

Specialist blind companies have also looked at the most vulnerable areas.

Because blinds are placed in direct sunlight, plastic components can become brittle and snap - how often have you seen broken chains at the bottom of vertical blinds?

So, today, as well as using non-perishable materials, advanced vertical blinds have weights concealed in the louvres instead of connecting chains.

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