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How do I make sure my blinds are safe for children?

The British Blind & Shutter Association recommends that all new blinds are ‘safe by design’.

In a nutshell:

  • Child safety for blinds is covered by BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014
  • No dangerous loops or cords
  • Cords and chains must be securely anchored
  • Controls must be at least 1.5m from the floor
  • No-cord electric or wand controls, or ‘breakaway’ devices take safety to the next level

That means there’s no excuse for manufacturing or installing any blinds that put children at risk. However, just to be sure, BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014 lays down the law for new and existing blinds.

The key points of the standards

  • No product should contain dangerous loops or cords
  • All cords and chains must be securely anchored to the wall or window frame
  • All controls must be at least 1.5m from floor level

Because the legislation covers children under the age of 22 months, you might think offices would be outside its scope. Don’t take the risk – all responsible blind suppliers will put child safety high on their list of priorities, regardless of the type of building. It’s as important as ensuring materials meet fire safety regs.

Improving child safety

Any system that contains cords or chains will carry some risk – even it conforms to the legislation. Ask your specialist supplier about no-cord electric or wand controls, or ‘breakaway’ devices (often magnetic) that release the cord when too much weight is applied.

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