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How long does it take to install commercial blinds and curtains?

Anyone who has fitted a roller blind or hung curtains at home in an afternoon may think that installation times on a commercial project will be quick too.

In a nutshell: 

  • The difference between domestic and commercial blind projects is the size and number of blinds
  • Small projects with manual fittings can be completed in a few days
  • Projects involving large or multiple blinds (say, in a car showroom or over several floors of an office) can take up to a month
  • Automated blind systems, difficult-to-access locations or special fabrics may take longer still

Yes, the process of installing commercial blinds and curtains is pretty much the same – clear instructions, standard fittings and no specialist tools. And, yes, it can be quick.

Where it differs between domestic and commercial is the scale of the projects (and often the size of the blinds).

Large blinds are common in car showrooms, schools and universities, and heavily glazed office blocks. And instead of one blind in your living room, projects often involve hundreds of blinds over several floors in residential developments, hotels and offices.

So, while some projects can be completed within days, others can take up to a month to install.

Other factors also need to be considered. Where the windows are high up, automated blind systems are used – requiring liaison with other trades (as well as access equipment). We’re also seeing more requests for special fabric options to match corporate brand themes, and these can have longer lead times.

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