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Intended features

Description Size - mm
(W x D x H) 
Aluminium construction  1000x750x1450mm

Two sanitiser dispensers _
Storage pouch for gloves _
Wipe dispenser _
Hook-on bin _
Industrial castors/wheels _
Locks for wipe and glove dispensers - see video*  

Washing your hands properly is one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of getting coronavirus (COVID-19) and slow its spread.

The Construction Leadership Council’s guidance is very clear:


“Provide additional hand washing facilities (eg, pop ups) to the usual welfare facilities, particularly on a large, spread-out site or where there are significant numbers of personnel on site, including plant operators.”


As part of Maple’s commitment to support and protect our workforce and the industry as a whole, we’ve developed Sanisite – a mobile sanitising unit for construction sites.


It was imagined and designed by Maple’s ‘innovation think tank’, set up to apply our experience and manufacturing expertise to the ever-changing needs of the construction industry during these difficult times.

Key benefits:

a) Storage pods for hand sanitiser dispensers, latex and non-latex gloves, sanitising wipes

b) Can be positioned close to workers, tools and wipe-down areas

c) Durable welded aluminium frame

d) Avoids repeat visits to crowded areas (toilets, canteens)

e) Secure sanitiser products with convenient locks

f) Demonstrates employers commitment to a clean and safe environment


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Tell us what you think about our prototype Sanisite. How could we improve it? How could we use our skills to develop other products in response to the coronavirus crisis?


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