What is PAS 2060?

PAS 2060 was developed by the British Standards Institution in 2010 and allows companies to show their carbon neutrality claims have been independently verified.

In a nutshell: 

  • BSI PAS 2060 allows companies to verify their carbon neutrality claims
  • PAS 2060 checks a company’s carbon footprint calculations are accurate
  • Becoming carbon neutral is good for the planet, and can save companies money and enhance their reputation
  • Companies that can’t verify their actions may be accused of ‘greenwashing’

Being ‘carbon neutral’ means that a company has reduced the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as much as possible - and has used ‘carbon offsetting’ for the rest.

Becoming carbon neutral is the main way to reduce carbon emissions and tackle the global climate crisis, and is part of the pathway towards being Net Zero Carbon. It can also save companies money through better resource management, and enhance their reputation. However, if companies fail to back up talk with action, they risk being accused of ‘greenwashing’.

PAS 2060 is the best way for companies to demonstrate their commitment to reducing carbon emissions and their overall carbon footprint. It provides a framework for checking their carbon footprint calculations (and the amount of offsetting ‘carbon credits’) are accurate.

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