Do Maple offer factory tours?

The best manufacturers recognise that the more clients know about their products and processes the easier the project is likely to be.

In a nutshell: 

  • Factory visits are an important part of helping clients learn more about products and processes
  • Visits allow clients to meet the team, discuss complex projects and view samples and mock-ups
  • Sharing knowledge helps projects go more smoothly
  • Call Maple to organise a factory visit

That’s why many companies organise CPD seminars, provide a ‘knowledge base’ on their website, and encourage factory visits.

Far from hiding behind jargon, trade secrets and complicated processes, the most forward-thinking companies are opening their doors... quite literally. And Maple are no different.

What are the benefits of a Maple factory tour?

Today, many of our clients are taking advantage of the relaxing of Covid-19 restrictions to meet the actual people doing the work for them. Visits to our Stockport factory also let clients see the processes first hand, understand some of the unexpected complexities of a design, and learn about robust quality control procedures.

We also welcome visitors to our refurbished offices to meet the team, review samples and mock-ups, discuss designs or carry out a project review.

Want to visit the Maple factory?

We’d love to see you. Simply get in touch with your usual Maple contact, or call us on 0161 456 6644.

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