Can you powder-coat stainless steel fixings?

There are a few reasons why people want to coat stainless steel fixings. Our recommendation? Don’t.

In a nutshell:

  • It is not recommended to powder-coat stainless steel fixings
  • It won’t extend the life of the steel
  • Powder-coating doesn’t stick well to shiny stainless steel
  • It may peel and is easily chipped – requiring endless maintenance
  • Hidden fixings are a better option than colour-matching to the façade, brise soleil or louvre

Yes, it might seem like a good idea to colour-match fixings to the façade, brise soleil or louvres. And, yes, powder-coating can extend the life of aluminium.

But for stainless steel... honestly, there’s no advantage.

Why? Because powder-coating does not adhere well to shiny stainless steel. It will start to peel after as little as 12 months, and is easily chipped – even during installation. Very quickly, you get into a maintenance conversation. Think Forth Bridge.

It's also worth recognising that compared to a vast swathe of colour on, say, a large architectural façade, uncoated stainless steel fixings are going to be inconsequential.

In fact, more and more architects are specifying hidden fixings, which the leading façade companies are happy to provide.

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